Supporting book publishers

Publishers join efforts to attract readers across the country
The project conducted by AEdiM, the Association of Madagascar Publishers, aims to train 10 of its members and to promote their work through support for the updating of their online catalogs and organization of mobile book fairs. The long-term objective is to strengthen the Malagasy book industry in the framework of the national book policy launched in 2008.
Project manager:
Rabenoro Claude
Beneficiary countries:
  • Madagascar
Funds allocated:
US $ 44.985,00
Project implementation period:
April, 2011 to April, 2012


Madagascar’s publishing industry is fighting to rise from decline. With a literacy rate of a little over 50%, the majority of Malagasies living in rural areas do not have access to books. Moreover, books are expensive, selling points scarce, and efforts to attract new readers have been minimal. Determined to curb the decline, the Association of Madagascar Publishers has set out to transform reading into a more popular activity nationwide.