Developing new business models for the music industry

Fair play for Beninese musicians
The project “Proximus Rezo” aims to reinforce the national capacities of the recording industry in Benin by establishing a local distribution and sales network, and it is organized by World Rhythm Productions. By developing a more sustainable business model and by reinvesting profits back into the industry and artists’ associations, the project will provide artists with potential long-term opportunities and help improve the sustainability of Benin’s music sector.
Project manager:
Emeric Melchior Cachon

World Rhythm Productions

Beneficiary countries:
  • Benin
Funds allocated:
US $ 20.000,00
Project implementation period:
April, 2011 to April, 2012
Created 100 sales point around the capital city, Cotonou, to market locally produced records and CDs in Benin


Benin’s cultural scene is vibrant and music percolates into the everyday lives of people. Small recording studios and music clubs have been popping up around the capital of Cotonou in the last ten years. Influenced by the pulsating sounds of Ghanaian and Congolese artists, Beninese musicians fuse traditional folk with an impressive variety of music, including reggae, hip-hop, funk, jazz, brass band, choral, gospel, cabaret, and rhythm and blues, among others.