Creation of a multilingual reference library

The Ministry of Culture’s National Centre for Translation in Tunis aims to establish a multilingual reference library. The project aims to enhance the Centre’s capacity to provide access to information in foreign languages. It is a part of national policies to promote translation as a gateway to enhanced access to the cultural expressions of other countries.
Project manager:
Secrétaire générale
Beneficiary countries:
  • Tunisia
Funds allocated:
US $ 30.000,00
Project implementation period:
April, 2011


Globalisation has led countries worldwide to invest more resources and attention into promoting mutual understanding and exchange of cultural goods and services, as culture contributes to prosperity, peace and democracy building. Aware of this, Tunisia is gearing up its cultural cooperation. The Ministry of Culture has created a multilingual reference library. This initiative aims to become a gateway to foreign culture for all Tunisians. Foreign language courses will be offered via this reference library particularly for young Tunisians.