8th session of the IGC

The 8th session of the Intergovernmental Committee was held in Paris from December 9 to 11, 2014.
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Click here to view the 2014 IFCD projects which were approved and click here to view the quadrennial periodic reports submitted in 2014.

News and upcoming events

Media and Publications

The report is the result of a one-year investigation undertaken by a diverse group of cultural leaders, supported by academics from the University of Warwick.
The Methodology Manual offers detailed technical guidance for data collection, the construction of the CDIS indicators and the interpretation of results. It is structured around 3 key sections.

New study shows creative and cultural industries play a key role in European economy. 

IFCD Brochure nº3 - 2014
Sustainable development through the lens of creativity

The 2005 Convention

From the actual text to its historical background, a list of its Parties and Operational Guidelines, click here to learn more about the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Governing Bodies

This section contains useful information for the Governing Bodies of the Convention. Click here to get more information about the Intergovernmental Committee and its Ordinary Sessions as well as the Conference of Parties.


Implementing the Convention



Find out how the 2005 Convention is implemented in Africa.

Capacity Building

Discover the Convention's capacity building programmes.

creative economy

Creative Economy

Assessing the growth of the creative economy sector at the local level. 

Culture for Development Indicators

Measuring culture's contribution to development.

Gender Equality

Promoting gender equality in the creative sector.

Article 21

International consultation mechanisms / Art. 21

See how the Convention objectives are promoted in other international forums.


International Fund for Cultural Diversity

Strenghtening cultural policies and cultural industries in developping countries. 

Global Alliance

Partnership Building

Fostering partnerships in cultural industries for development. 

Preferential treatment (Art. 16)

Granting preferential treatment for developing countries.



Quadrennial Periodic Reports

Find out which policies and measures have been implemented by Parties.

Recommendation on the Status of the Artist

Advocating for improved socio-economic conditions for artists.



Raising awareness among young people about the Convention.