CAMPUS UNESCO: inspire the citizens of tomorrow

UNESCO CAMPUS, launched in 2014, intends to put the expertise of UNESCO teams and partners, at the service of youth, for a better understanding of major world challenges.

Practical information for schools

The CAMPUSES will be organized throughout the period 2017-2020 between September and June during the school year, one or two times per month.

Some themes are designed for younger school students between 12-14 years old. Most of them are targeting those between 14-17 years old, this is specified in the invitation.

Normally, CAMPUSES are in French, though some can be organized for large groups of international students, per specific request only if the regular work schedule is permitting.


Normally CAMPUS takes place in the morning and follows this standard itinerary.

9:00     School’s arrival    - 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris,

Each person goes through standard airport security procedures. It takes time to welcome 200-400 young people. This is why we ask you to arrive punctually at 9:00 in the morning.

9:30     Opening on the Conference Room

10:00   Beginning of the CAMPUS

11:30   End of the CAMPUS

Exceptionally some CAMPUSES can take place in the afternoon.


UNESCO CAMPUSES take place at UNESCO Headquarters using the 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris entrance.

The site is considered international territory and belongs to the Organization’s 195 Member States. Standard Airport security procedures are in place.
UNESCO does not offer parking facilities. We recommend using public transport.

By Metro: Ségur-UNESCO, Cambronne, Ecole militaire

By Bus: 28, 80

If your school comes via private-hire coach, please indicate this in the RSVP, as there is no specific parking for that.


If you are a teacher and would like your institution to participate, please contact 

to be added to the mailing list. UNESCO CAMPUSES are free.


When you receive a formal invitation, please send your RSVP as soon as possible to

. You cannot participate in the CAMPUS as an individual visitor. Only classes who have sent their RSVP and received an official confirmation are accepted.

Number of seats in the conference room is limited. Regular size of the conference rooms are 250 – 400 seats. Classes are booked on the first come first served basis.

In the RSVP please indicate

School name


Class - age of the students

Total number of participants including teachers and additional persons/parents

Direct contact information of the participating teachers: names, emails, cell phones.


Young people exchange on the UNESCO and CAMPUS theme with 3 - 4 speakers. Moderation and one of the experts are from UNESCO, others are civil society voluntary speakers. Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the debate. As a teacher please communicate with your students in advance about the theme of the CAMPUS as well as debate opportunity. A UNESCO moderator is in the room to facilitate the debate and will help students to play their part as young citizens.


Students can be filmed or photographed during the CAMPUS for non-commercial use. It is a school’s responsibility to inform UNESCO representative and photographer that your class or certain students do not have parental authorization to be filmed or photographed.